Cubic Invites you to “Stay Weird and Love Yourself” with Kissi Ussuki

Cubic Invites you to “Stay Weird and Love Yourself” with Kissi Ussuki

Our great collaboration between CUBIC and Kissi Ussuki! "Stay Weird, Love Yourself" draws inspiration from the character Pippi Longstocking from the Swedish fairy tale. Pippi is known for her eccentric and unabashed personality, and this collaboration aims to capture that spirit.



Kissi Ussuki, a freelance artist from Lithuania, brings their unique style to this project with CUBIC. By combining the innocence and eccentricity of comic book protagonists, she creates a grotesque style that offers a different visual experience. The cleverly shaped images created by Kissi Ussuki further enhance the overall artistic expression of "Stay Weird, Love Yourself."

Collaborations like this often bring together different artistic perspectives, resulting in something truly unique and captivating. It's exciting to see how artists can merge their individual styles and inspirations to create something new and visually compelling within the Fashion World.

We had the fantastic idea to involve our CubicGirls in the collaboration! By offering them pieces from the CUBIC’S capsule collection inspired by "Stay Weird, Love Yourself," you're giving them the opportunity to showcase their individual styles and interpretations.

 Each CubicGirl brough her own unique flair and personality to the outfits, creating a diverse and eclectic range of looks. This not only highlights the versatility of the collection but also allows our CubicGirls to express themselves through fashion.

This kind of collaboration not only promotes creativity but also provides a platform for the CubicGirls to engage with their audience and inspire others with their personal styles. It can be a great way to build a community around the collection and generate excitement among fans and followers.

Overall, involving our CubicGirls in styling the pieces from the collaboration adds an extra layer of authenticity and personal touch to the project, making it even more appealing to fans of both CUBIC and our CubicGirls themselves.

Cubic London & @lorenacdelion:

@lorenacdelion was the first Influencer that we thought about for this collaboration, her very personal style it's unique and we knew that she would be the perfect partner in this fashion venture for "Stay weird, Stay yourself" Collaboration. As the first influencer we considered, her unique and personal style makes her a perfect fit for the campaign. Collaborating with influencers like Lorena can help bring authenticity and a fresh perspective to our brand. By partnering with someone who resonates with our target audience and embodies the values of staying true to oneself, you can create a powerful and impactful collaboration. And we really believe that that was the result, an extraordinary collaboration. Lorena loved to be part of this capsule collection and collaboration, and her own words mean a lot to us, we love to have you as part of our community Lorena.

Her feedback:

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