The Essence of Strange & Co

Nestled in the serene embrace of the North Wales coast, the picturesque seaside town of Rhôs on Sea boasts not only natural beauty but also a hidden gem that effortlessly blends urban contemporary fashion with a touch of rebellious spirit. Welcome to Strange & Co, a lifestyle boutique that proudly showcases the brand CUBIC. In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey through the ethos of Strange & Co and the unique essence of CUBIC, where classic meets rebellion in the heart of a quaint coastal haven.

Unveiling CUBIC: Where Seaside Sophistication Meets Urban Rebellion at Strange & Co

Strange & Co isn't just a boutique; it's an embodiment of style, individuality, and a dash of audacity. With a commitment to curating timeless yet contemporary pieces, Strange & Co provides an exceptional shopping experience for those who appreciate fashion as a form of self-expression. With CUBIC as its cornerstone, this boutique provides a haven for those seeking fashion that resonates with their individuality and desire to make an impact. CUBIC's collections speaks to the woman who seeks to make her mark in the world, embracing her individuality with grace and flair. The touch of rebellion in each piece resonates with those who choose to stand out rather than blend in. CUBIC's collections is an ode to the woman who doesn't conform, who thrives on expressing her true self. Each piece carries an air of rebellion that resonates with the modern woman's journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The fusion of classic elements with a touch of defiance creates a seamless harmony that sets CUBIC apart in the world of fashion. This is why Strange & Co and CUBIC work so well together, this is a great way to bring creativity and self expression through fashion, in a form of boutique experience.

Rhôs on Sea has recently undergone a major transformation on the beachfront, with a new promenade and a long sandy beach. New bars and eateries, together with an unusually high percentage of independent retailers make it a fantastic destination for tourists and day-trippers but also a much-loved daily shopping town for residents. To this end, we have tried our very best to create a store that caters for locals and visitors alike with things we have chosen because we love them ourselves!”

As you amble along the shores of the North Wales coast, take a moment to discover Strange & Co – a boutique that stands as a testament to the interplay of seaside allure and urban sophistication, through the lens of CUBIC. Strange & Co offers an extraordinary experience for those who aspire to leave an understated yet lasting mark on the world of fashion. Embark on this fashion journey, and let your personal style resonate with the rhythm of urban rebellion and coastal serenity.

Love CUBIC in partnership with Strange&Co <3