The Days of Winter in London

Ever wondered what inspires the creative shoots you love to shop? The constantly moving and everchanging nature of London inspires us to work to always keep things fresh and new. So, it’s not uncommon to find us roaming the streets trying to find locations that echo our clothes.


Our small team is based in East London - a funky, creative and artistic area, which reflects the CUBIC brand and inspires a lot of what you see, with its caged fences, urban playgrounds, and insipid buildings contrasted by warm brick homes. Ever considered what inspires you in your surroundings?


Step back in time with this chic Retro Knitted Jacquard Dress, perfect for a modern vintage look.


Elevate your outerwear game with this classic trench coat - a timeless essential for any wardrobe.

At CUBIC, we believe that inspiration can come from anywhere - it's all about keeping your eyes open and your mind curious.