The sound of the nightingale prevails when she comes back. Warm hues on the horizon and fresh air that brings the smell of wet soil. Trees reach the clouds and in the ground a blanket of sleeves covers the scenery. A rooster wakes her up now and everything seams more peaceful. The Land is hard work but has a reward, everything tastes different, everything has a true flavour! Reconnecting herself with nature, her true identity flourish, she starts to remember how the days went by when she was a child and a beautiful nostalgia conquers her.

The world moves on a different speed here, even though, winter began and the days become colder. Sitting with a book by the chimney another world opens and she travels while magic arises, everything seams possible. Before going to bed she can see the whole constellations, exactly like in the pass and perhaps like in the future. The most mundane and simple things now satisfy her the most.